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Corona letter/policy


 This is Derek with Indy Ski School. We are closely monitoring the Covid 19 situation in Indiana. We take the safety of our students very seriously. We are following all CDC and State of Indiana guidelines. The good news is I am a small operation and can adapt accordingly.
Every group will get a text message with contact info for the other students in the boat. This is no different than any other year. This “GROUP TEXT” is used to convey any weather issues, students running late, etc.
This will confirm with CDC guidelines for “contact tracing” should someone in your boat later test positive for Covid. Here is Indy Ski School’s changes to operating this summer:
Temperature checks/Health Question:
-parents and/or guardians will be responsible for monitoring their child’s body temperature.
-students with temperatures above 100.4 will not be allowed to attend class that day.
-the fever check MUST BE IN WRITING (a quick text to the “group text” that temperature is normal for the day will suffice). Indy ski school reserves the right to use an infrared thermometer.
You must also acknowledge that your child is SYMPTOM FREE. (Again I think an “all clear, temp normal” to the group will suffice).
Myself and my instructors will also be adhering to daily temp checks.
Social distancing/mask wearing:
The Indy Ski School boat is 21ft long and 8 feet wide. We will social distance to the best of our ability. In lieu of t-shirts I will providing Indy Ski School bandannas to be worn as masks.
-all students will be required to wear a mask. A bandanna will be issued on the first day of camp. -students will need to wear the issued bandanna or a mask of their own choosing:
-when arriving at marina and on the gas docks.
-when interacting with students not in their ‘social circle’ on the boat.
Masks DO NOT need to be worn during skiing or swimming. I strongly suggest wearing the bandanna around the neck even while skiing. That way it can be deployed at a moments notice of social interaction.
Instructors will be wearing a mask when interacting with the students.
Additional changes:
*no drinks or snacks will be provided (no OCPs...I know. Hurts me too). You may bring your own “clearly labeled” water bottle.
*You must bring a bag for your towel/gear. No loose gear in the boat.
*the boat and equipment will be wiped down and disinfected after every class.
Every class is a unique situation. There are no more than 5 students per boat/class. Some of you have signed up with friends and relatives and do not need to “social distance” on the boat. Some have signed up with children that are NOT in your social circle. In those situations, we will maintain a separation of those students (for example 3 students who know each other in the back of the boat, 2 in the front).
If that arrangement is not acceptable; we can mutually agree to an acceptable situation. One option could be 3 students in the same ‘social circle’ on Mon/Wed and the other 2 on Tues/Thurs.
If that still does not meet your standard; I understand. I will issue a refund. I cannot do individual lessons. Please realize that I am open to any all all suggestions. Sincerely,
 Derek Dechert, owner Indy Ski School