Learn to Ski

Recommendations from Students and Parents Many people can’t say enough positive things about the Indy Ski School on Geist. Here is what some of them have to say: “Spending a week on the water with Derek was the perfect solution for Addi to tackle her summer ski goals. Derek created excellent memories for her. Improved water confidence and oatmeal creme pies experiences were a bonus! His passion for kids and water made her summer fantastic. Thank you Derek!!” | Juli Bauer “I appreciate the use of the boom device that Derek uses during class time. This is helpful to any child that may be afraid or reticent about being out in the water alone when first getting up on water skis.” | Amelia Rose “We absolutely loved it! Derek was able to accomplish with our girls at 8 years old in one week that which we couldn’t have possibly done throughout the whole summer. The oatmeal creme pies at the end of every session were also a fun and special treat. They look forward to returning every summer!” | Jayson & April Hills “It’s impressive what the kids can learn in one week a year. What’s great about Indy Ski School is that they push the kids hard enough that they learn something new each session, yet they never push them so hard that they don’t enjoy it. Derek and his team do a great job taking a lot of photos and sending them out the same day so parents can see what the kids worked on that day. The photos and the Indy Ski School t-shirt are an added plus. My daughter, Kensi, also likes how they mix it up each year as she gets more experienced and they make sure she tries new things.” | Ellen Knowling “Our daughter, Myla, looks forward to Indy Ski School every summer. She enjoys wake boarding, surfing, and eating oatmeal creme pies with Derek and friends. Myla has been attending for two years now. She has gained so much confidence on her board that she now calls wake boarding her favorite sport.” | Sandy McAlpin “My kids loved learning how to wakeboard and ski which are now their favorite things to do. The instructors make it seem easy even if you’ve never done it before. Because of the Indy Ski School, we ended up buying a boat because my kids couldn’t stand to be out of the water. It also started a family vacation to Dale Hollow every year.” | Melissa Rogers

WE LOVE INDY SKI SCHOOL!  My kids start talking about ski school about MARCH every year.   It’s such a good time we’ve brought along a friend, and our foreign exchange student from Paris – and they were not disappointed.

When we took our first lessons in 2005, it was because we needed Derek’s skills as an instructor (and he is amazing at getting kids UP on those skis!) in making summer a little more adventuresome, but then it became about Derek’s skill-expanding fun (you want wake-surfing?  YES.  Want to  kneeboard?  Okay.  Are you into wake skating?  Roger that.  IN.).  We’ve been attending Indy Ski School four solid years, and we love the small number of kids in the boat, and amount of skiing they get to do in their ski-week.  This year will be year five ~ Derek and his crew are part of our family tradition.  Thanks Derek

As a parent, one of the things I love best is that Derek & the crew took GREAT pictures of the kids all day every day, and then before the day was over, they were emailed to me, so we got good action shots & better memories to preserve.

We’ve been “tube free” since… well, Derek’s been tube free since 2003, but we didn’t join in on the fun until 2005, and TUBE FREE SINCE 2005 has no pizzazz.

This summer and every summer … tube free Water bliss with Indy Ski School!

--Susan Ingram, Tim Ingram, Jesse Ingram